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Start-Up’s Vibrating Sensors Transform Sports & Health Training – Seeking Investors

Start-Up’s Vibrating Sensors Transform Sports & Health Training – Seeking Investors

Imagine being able to feel when you perform the correct golf swing or tennis serve, as taught by your own coach – so you develop the correct muscle memory, improve your skills, and reduce the chance of injury.

PantherTec - KAT Image
PantherTec – KAT Image

EVERGREEN, Colo., Dec. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PantherTec’s patented “KAT” motion training mobile app and corrective vibrating sensors help athletes and therapy patients feel and replicate instructed movements. KAT’s wear-anywhere sensors capture the exact moves to-be-learned by each athlete or patient, as they are taught them. The app then compares each repetition against the captured motion and sends real-time vibratory and beeping corrective guidance to the proprietary sensors. Users can feel the feedback on the relevant body part, as they move, adjust their motion, and be confident they are developing the correct muscle memory, even when practicing solo or off-season.

“I have seen firsthand how KAT takes the guesswork out of peak performance,” said Justin Wick, a communications representative for Major League Baseball, a former NCAA Division I pitcher, and the very first member of PantherTec’s growing Experts and Ambassadors team. “KAT is geared to create the feel of ideal movement in record time, and the feedback it provides is unmatched.”

PantherTec [], an Evergreen, Colorado tech start-up, is focused on helping elite sports coaches and physical therapists deliver more effective and efficient motion training. Most existing motion analysis and coaching apps provide video or data-based instructional advice, which can be difficult to translate into sensations of correct movement. KAT bridges this gap and ensures athletes and patients better adopt, practice, and maintain new moves and techniques.

KAT, which can help train almost any movement, was developed by Dr Jo Shattuck, CEO of PantherTec, a former top-10 world ranked pro athlete and elite coach, and a faculty neuroscience researcher at CU Anschutz, specializing in movement disorders. Shattuck recognized a need to help athletes and patients improve performance and outcomes through enhanced body awareness – kinesthetic knowledge.

According to Shattuck, “Based on extraordinarily positive prototype testing feedback from trainers, athletes, and patients, and our analysis of the huge market opportunities, we have decided to seek funding from new investors to accelerate and scale our final product market launch.”

KAT also serves as a training monitoring and compliance platform, whereby coaches and therapists can supply detailed individual training plans, remotely track activity and progress, and change the boundaries of each motion – also providing valuable new training data and analysis.

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