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| Jo Shattuck

Capture & RetroCapture

Capture & RetroCapture

The Capture button commands KAT sensors to ‘memorize and store’ its own kinematic values while an athlete is executing a position or movement. Allows athletes and coaches quickly store the sensation of the skill they want the athlete to experience and replicate, and later, to recognize and retrieve during solo and deliberate practice.

RetroCapture allows an athlete or coach to quickly tag and save the KAT’s motion data from the PRIOR action. For example, with the KAT gesture recognition feature, a hitter could record all the ‘feel-good swings’ during practice by double tapping a hip-worn sensor or pressing a button on the app immediately AFTER a particular swing. That swing’s kinematics can become the new Target, and the motion data can be visually overlaid on top of other “feel good swing” data for later analysis in the portal.


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