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Tele-rehab study begins: physical rehabilitation a patient can feel, with instructive vibrations through feedback devices

Neurorehab Treatment Center Leads Tele-rehab Study with KAT

Neurorehab Treatment Center Leads Tele-rehab Study with KAT

This study allows rehabilitation specialists to test and evaluate the remote control feature of the Kinesthetic Awareness Training system. The therapist conducts an appointment with a mock (pretend patient) through the new rehab delivery system. The patient attaches the body worn KAT devices on the appropriate body part, and the therapist sets the range of motion, speed etc, and controls the vibrations the patient feels, through the KAT devices. The vibrations are instructions that help guide the patient into and through the correct therapeutic movement. Afterwards, the therapist and mock patient separately will complete an anonymoussurvey about their experience using the new feature, called RehabAnywhere Powered by AirDroid.

Dr. Karen Hux is the director of research at the neurorehab treatment center Quality Living Inc, and is the principal investigator on the evaluative study. She also lead the first clinical case studies with the KAT for in-clinic use with patients,

The inventor of the KAT, Dr. Jo Shattuck was a current professional athlete and current faculty at CU Anschutz in movement disorders, although neither PantherTec’s nor KAT is affiliated with Colorado University. Shattuck is excited to learn both the good and bad aspects of the clinician and patient experiences. She plans to use the information to improve the KAT system, which she believes can offer easier access to physical rehabilitation for patients in rural areas or who have difficulty traveling to appointments, and the guided instruction will help patients perform their exercises correctly.

For clinicians and therapists interested in the KAT tele-rehab study:
Use the link below to set a call with Dr. Jo Shattuck or Dr Hux to learn more about the study, or email or


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