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Jeremy Bubb

Jeremy Bubb

Former Decathlete/Head Coach at CoachXPro

CoachXPro, founded by Jeremy Bubb, is dedicated to improving athletic training by offering refined tools and training techniques that address sports performance’s physical and mental aspects. The team, which includes Olympic athletes and professionals, saw a gap in the market with outdated training concepts and a lack of quality coaching. Their solution involves the development of tools, systems, workshops, and websites to aid athletes’ journeys. They plan to expand their facilities, partnerships, and global reach. Their guiding principle is “Just don’t suck”, emphasizing consistent effort and continuous improvement.

Contact Me: Always happy to talk sports, partnerships, and more! Visit us anytime at

Fun Fact: Coach Jeremy once helped coach a young Valerie Allman to the 6th furthest high school discus throw of all time!


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  • Evergreen, Colorado, USA
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