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Capture it.
Feel it.
Train it.®

Accelerate muscle memory with instructive vibrations through sensors for sport and rehab.

KAT Device


Smart body-worn devices ‘learn’ a movement in real time and then ‘teach’ it back to the wearer with vibrations felt through the sensors – during the movement. It’s motion capture and correction for sport or rehabilitation. The app allows the coach or athlete to customize margins of error and instruction technique for each use-case. This revolutionary system is changing the way movement is learned.

Product launch

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KAT Sensors

The KAT sensors allow users to train movement patterns and other biometrics.

Mobile App

Easy to set up with just the KAT sensors and your phone. Anywhere and anytime.

Cloud Service

Track your progress, save data and presets from any device anywhere.


The athlete wears a sensor on the appropriate body part or sports tool, and performs the desired movement pattern under guidance from the coach. The sensor captures that movement, stores it in the app, and then provides corrective feedback through vibrations & beeps the athlete FEELS, in real -time, DURING the movement to self-correct.


The clinician attaches the sensor to the appropriate body part, and saves the desired therapeutic movement. The sensor captures that movement, stores it in the app, and then provides corrective feedback through vibrations & beeps the patient FEELS through the sensors, in real-time for self-correction during the movement for in-clinic and at-home use.

KAT Features

Train Any Movement

Train an athlete’s awareness of their position and movement within customized margins of error controlled from your phone. Up to 3 sensors can be used simultaneously. Put one KAT on the hip, and another on the forearm to capture and train peak vertical acceleration during a basketball jump shot, or one on the hip, and […]


The Capture button commands KAT sensors to ‘memorize and store’ its own kinematic values while an athlete is executing a position or movement. Allows athletes and coaches quickly store the sensation of the skill they want the athlete to experience and replicate, and later, to recognize and retrieve during solo and deliberate practice.

Feedback & Training Modes

Feedback options include the dose, type, and timing of audio and vibratory feedback, and are based on neuroscience principles of attention, motor learning, muscle memory formation, sensory occlusion and more. Teaching modes use the principles of motor learning in direct Instruction, Exploration, Habit Break and Error Comprehension for athletes’ mastery of their sensorimotor space.



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