Experts and Ambassadors Program.

Experts and Ambassadors (E&A) are experienced professionals with knowledge and expertise in their respective field as a clinicians, researchers, athletes, coaches or other movement educators. We are seeking to expand our program to improve movement in multiple disciplines. If you would like to join us, contact Sarah Warhaftig through the Contact Us page.


Ian Hill

Ian is attempting to break his second world record by becoming the oldest man to play NCAA Division 1 college football. The effort is part of the national mens mental health initiative called Season to Save a Life! The goal is to engage middle-aged men and de-stigmatizing the mental health conversation, as middle-aged men are 70% more likely to commit suicide than any other segment of the population! As well as introducing them to partner programs that will provide meaningful information and tangible tools that foster mental wellness, resiliency, and strength.

Adam Manilla

Pro Athlete

I am a professional racquetball athlete living in San Jose, California. Recently my sister Erika and I created an online racquetball coaching platform to give players all around the world access to racquetball coaching. We are looking forward to enhancing our coaching techniques with the Kat system.

Contact Me: Racquetball training and coaching – Manilla Athletics

Fun Fact: I have 4 sisters and love pineapple on my pizza!

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E G Lebre

Team USA Archery Coach

I have been participating in sports all my starting at age 3. The past 20+ years have been devoted to archery both as a competitor and as a coach. My coaching has taken me to the elite level and even more so to coaching with US Para archers.

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Jenni Black

Former Professional Athlete

I am a former collegiate and professional basketball player, a former high school and collegiate basketball coach, a silver medalist and co-captain on the USA Pan-American basketball team, and a certified professional coach. I have spent 10 years coaching and mentoring student-athletes, as well as serving as a sport psychology consultant.

Contact Me: To join the E & A Team and if you are interested in personal growth thru sport psychology or being coached by a life/mindset coach

Fun Fact: I have been to over 17 countries!

Martin Rubinoff

Teacher/Coach Softball and Baseball

I am a skills acquisition instructor at Martins Field of Dreams. I have built and created a holistic learning environment for baseball and softball skill development to enhance athletic performance for consistency and repeatability. I believe to coach/teach the skills of baseball you need to build a “learning relationship,” built upon trust, awareness, discovery and curiosity and a growth mindset filled with grit. 

Contact Me: Baseball/Softball Skill Acquisition

Fun Fact: I went diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!

Jim Winterton

Hall of Fame Racquetball Coach

I have coached numerous National and World Champions in the sport of racquetball. I have also coached high school tennis and football during my 28-year public school teaching career. I have coached the number one female and male player in the sport of racquetball one whom was Kane Waslenchuk considered the best player to ever play the game! I have been named Coach of the Year three times, was inducted into the Racquetball Hall of Fame and coached founder Dr. Jo Shattuck of PantherTec!

Contact Me: Racquetball and technique training, competing, and Coaching!

Fun Fact: My wife Ann, has ridden in the Tour De Cure for 38 straight years and is a type 1 diabetic. This year we raised over $10,000.00!

Erika Manilla

Professional Athlete and USA Team Member

As a team USA athlete I strive for perfection and to wear our countries letters with pride. As a coach, I take each athlete individually to prepare, work and execute their goals and to help them push through goals that they might have not known were possible. As a ladies professional athlete, I work everyday to ensure that I will be a step closer to my goal tomorrow. As Team USA Junior coach, I reach out and support the youth of my sport to ensure a brighter future.

Contact Me: Racquetball coaching and training –

Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Costa Rica and Spain

Joshua Charles

Personal Trainer

Joshua has dedicated the last 10 years to developing a deep understanding of what it means to be deeply self-motivated. Being a certified ISSA Elite Trainer and owning a company that guides individuals 20 to 70 years of age, he gives his all to make sure a core shift in life is made.

Contact Me: For Joining the esteemed E&A team and joining my online training sessions to really challenge your mind and body

Fun Fact: I am from Trinidad & Tobago, the land of oil and music. Being a strong advocate for soca music, it is the foundation of all my training sessions. Work gets done, but we have the world of fun!

Sarah Warhaftig

Director of Experts and Ambassadors

I have spent over twenty years coaching, teaching and mentoring young athletes. I am a former collegiate and international softball player, three-time Colorado State Racquetball Champion, certified yoga and fitness instructor. I own a consulting company delivering wellness classes to the construction industry. Contact me About: Joining the E & A Team and my company that teaches Wellness classes to the construction industry Fun Fact: I flew and surfed in Nicaragua 2 days after having all of my wisdom teeth extracted!

Weston Lombard

Baseball Athlete and Coach. more details to come!

PantherTec Welcomes Weston Lombard to the Experts and Ambassadors Team. He is our newest member and will be helping us conduct KAT mini-training sessions at our booth at TechCrunch Disrupt BattleField 200 next week in San Francisco. Look for more information about Weston here soon.

Jeremy Bubb

Former Decathlete/Head Coach at CoachXPro

CoachXPro, founded by Jeremy Bubb, is dedicated to improving athletic training by offering refined tools and training techniques that address sports performance’s physical and mental aspects. The team, which includes Olympic athletes and professionals, saw a gap in the market with outdated training concepts and a lack of quality coaching. Their solution involves the development of tools, systems, workshops, and websites to aid athletes’ journeys. They plan to expand their facilities, partnerships, and global reach. Their guiding principle is “Just don’t suck”, emphasizing consistent effort and continuous improvement.

Contact Me: Always happy to talk sports, partnerships, and more! Visit us anytime at

Fun Fact: Coach Jeremy once helped coach a young Valerie Allman to the 6th furthest high school discus throw of all time!


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