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KAT Device

Kinesthetic Awareness Training

Essentials One and Essentials Pro devices ordered in April have an option to schedule one live and dedicated appointment with our PhD founder, Dr. Jo Shattuck, to discuss accelerated motor learning for your specific application.

In addition, the KAT Onboarding includes brief tutorials where your coaches and staff learn how to use the KAT System in individual, team and Clinical settings. Videos of the Onboarding sessions will be available in the Help Center along with other valuable resources from KAT users.

Essentials One


  • 1 KAT Device
  • 1 User ID
  • Help center access
  • Best for single user and 1:1 training
  • Additional KATS $299 (limited to up to 3 additional KATs per account). Save $50 each!

Essentials Pro


  • 1 KAT Device
  • Multiple user ids
  • Data Recording and Export
  • Help center access
  • Best for teams, clinics and applications where multiple athletes will be using the same device over serveral sessions
  • Additional KATs $449 (limited to up to 3 additional KATs per account). Save $50 each!

Additional KAT Devices - Save $50*

*This promotion is limited to 3 additional devices per account.

Email for group orders serving teams, camps, multi-location clinics or academic research.

Note: PantherTec doesn not store any motion capture or kinematic data for company use. The Essentials Pro License offers data collection and users can store and send kinematic data from their mobile device for their own use.

*Custom combinations of KATs/User Id's are available, email with your specific needs.

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