Become an Early Adopter in 3 steps

Get to try one sooner with discount pricing. We are offering a limited number of the KAT Systems with certain beta features enabled at an Early Adopter discount and one-year free software license for the KAT App in IOS or Android. You will get one year free access to new features as they are released.

1. Create an account

2. Purchase the KAT device

3. Schedule your onboarding/tutorial

KAT Device

As an Early Adopter you will be asked to:

Attend a online KAT tutorial to learn how to use the KAT System and preview the upcoming features. We will ask you to tell us about your experiences, offer your input, expertise and share your use-cases via periodic online surveys/interviews.

Essentials One


  • 1 KAT Device
  • 1 User ID
  • $200 annual single license fee waived for year 1
  • Best for individual coaches, athletes, clinicians
  • Help center access

Essentials Plus


  • 1 KAT Device
  • 1 Account Administrator ID and 5 user ids
  • $400 annual group license renewal fee is waived for year 1
  • Best for individual coaches, athletes, clinicians
  • Help center access

Additional KAT Devices - $499*

*Does not include a license, KATs can be used by any user with an existing license

*Slight variations in color/design are expected

*Prices are subject to change

Note: PantherTec will not store any motion capture or kinematic data. The only storage location for motion capture data in the Early Adopter licenses is on the user's local mobile device. The cloud storage/portal development is in progress, and users can send/store data on our server. However, this feature will be available in Q4 2023.

*Custom combinations of KATs/User Id's are available, email with your specific needs.

I have read terms and conditions, and wish to proceed.


Get the latest news about the KAT system. We will only send you relevant and important information.

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