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The simple explanation is that the KAT offers "wearable corrective vibrations determined by an expert," and not a magic algorithm that attempts to teach everyone the same way.


Why KAT?

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Our first-of-its-kind technology offers coaches the ability to custom-program the KAT device for the needs of each individual athlete. It can attached anywhere, to the body, limbs or other sports tool.

The appetite for data pertaining to movement in sport and rehabilitation is growing... and rightly so. Faster, cheaper technology makes BIG data more accessible than ever before. But the data is collected to drive coaching and training decisions, correct? And any subsequent decision - the action, still needs to be communicated from the coach to the athlete, and the athlete needs to feel it and do it- over and over. The KAT allows the athlete to self correct, in real time.

Company History

Fall 2012

First KAT

First KAT Unit produced and tested. Multiple iterations created over the next 5 years.

July 2018

The Patent

Filed for full patent with USPTO. Expected approval in July 2020

Feb 2020


The first ever PANTHERTEC laboratory opens. It is equipped and ready for live Zoom demonstration from Evergreen, CO.

March 2020


The latest round of prototypes has been ordered from a manufacturer for further real-world testing.

May 2020

Experts and Ambassadors

Official Experts and Ambassadors team is formed. Elite coaches and athletes start testing 12 KAT units in tennis, golf, racquetball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, racquetball, mountain biking, surfing (dry land training), physical therapy, prosthetics and more.

Feb 2021

US Patent Awarded and Issued

Second application filed and new Enclosure design finalized. Others pending. Third Patent application filed.

July 2021

Kiwitech partnership

Launched partnership with Kiwitech as an an investor and global app development firm.

Sept 2021

Denver Startup Week

Selected to Showcase the KAT at Denver Startup Week at the Physical Products Showcase. - First Clinical Trial with KAT in rehab is registered at clinicaltrials.gov. - First clinical presentation at American Physical Therapy Association Conference, in Denver.

Oct 2021

E&A Team & Fusion Sport Rehab

New E&A Team with Fusion Sport Rehab joins us. Expected market ready sensor design finished/begin integration with market ready app; Awarded $2500 NSF/ I-corps Grant for further customer discovery in healthcare space.

Dec 2021

Top 20 Finalist in Stadia Ventures

Top 20 Finalist in Stadia Ventures 2022 Accelerator. Filed PCT application for foreign patent protection.

Clinical trials in rehab have started

The purpose of these case studies is to determine the efficacy of the Kinesthetic Awareness Training (KAT) device in facilitating the restoration of desired movement patterns when people with acquired central nervous system damage perform functional activities such as walking, transitioning from one position to another, or reaching with the arms.

Link to our Clinicaltrials.gov study →


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